About Us

About Skylake Ranch

      Skylake Ranch Pomegranate Products consists of: The owner, Gail Brown, her son Chris Brown, operations manager and his wife Sarah, the taste creator. Sarah and Gail created the wonderful recipes you see on this website.

  We began making pomegranate products in October 2009 after we harvested over 150,000 pomegranates and decided with the short fresh market season, we would extend the enjoyment of this wonderful fruit by making products with our fresh squeezed juice.

      After learning about the tenderizing quality of the juice from Middle Eastern cooking, we developed the marinade and our very popular Balsamic Grill Sauce. Then our creativity in the kitchen helped us develop more pomegranate products such as the fruit spread, grenadine and syrup.

     Our family owned orchard is located between Chico and Durham in Northern California. We moved to Chico in 1989 to pursue our passion for water skiing. Our house was built on a man-made ski lake surrounded by almond, walnut and olive orchards. The health benefits of pomegranates intrigued us, so in 2006, we planted our orchard on 20 acres behind our home.

Our Vision

     We want to bring some of the most unique and extraordinary flavors to peoples taste buds and also make them aware that there is a lot more to pomegranates than just the arils and the juice. It is a fun experience and a pleasure to be able to go out into the world and share this with others. Whether you are a fan of pomegranates or not. We are confident you will enjoy what we have to bring you. Our goal is to run the gammeton what is possible with everything pomegranate and there is still more to be done.